Salad Days

Stacey C. Slagle

Some forms of salad have been consumed for centuries, originally made mostly of cabbage and root vegetables, flavored with vinegar, oils and herbs. Ancient Greeks believed that raw green vegetables promoted good digestion, and the Romans agreed. Early recordings of lettuce appeared back in the 6th century B.C. although it […]

5 Frozen food items you can pack in your lunchbox


When you lead a hectic lifestyle, cooking or preparing lunch can be extremely time-consuming. First, you must make a grocery list. Then you need to go to your nearest store and buy all the items required for meal planning. Then, based on nutrition, convenience and preference, plan meals. And lastly, […]

Eight Dance Steps to Stir-Fry

Stacey C. Slagle

Just about everyone, at one time or another, decides that stir-fry is the perfect food preparation technique. Fast cooking, choice of material to cook with (as healthy as you want – or don’t), and not a lot of expensive equipment to buy. There are thousands of good recipes, dozens of […]

Nothing Beats The Extraordinary: Street Food

Stacey C. Slagle

Filipinos are known to enjoy the average three meals a day plus desserts or “merienda” as most Filipinos call it. One of the qualities that Filipinos can do is to make out something new, creative yet cost-sufficient and that includes food. Street food is basically obtainable from street vendors. Street […]