What Does Kareena Kapoor Eat In A Day? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares Actress’ Diet Plan

Do you see film stars on the silver screen and always wonder that what all goes into their diet and fitness regimes? Then, you’ve landed at the right place.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been a flag-bearer of promoting a healthy lifestyle. She is one of the fittest actors in the industry and has been the go-to diet inspiration for a lot of people.

The mother-of-two often posts about consuming nutritious foods and appreciating the body, as opposed to rushing the process of weight loss. Fans also appreciate her on social media for promoting fitness whether through yoga, workout sessions, or clean eating.

Though Kareena might have been famous for sporting a size-zero figure before but that doesn’t mean she believes in skipping meals. Says who? Her Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar!

Brain Behind Kareena’s Massive Transformations

Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar was the brains behind Kareena’s massive transformation – be it in helping the diva achieve the ‘size-zero’ figure or during her weight loss journey after two pregnancies.

By putting an end to fans’ curiosity, Diwekar has spilled the beans on Kareena’s food habits. In her audiobook, ‘Eating In The Age of Dieting’, the nutritionist shared tips and food hacks that Kareena has been following all this time.

If you are a fitness enthusiast or aiming for weight loss and curious to know what Kareena eats every day, then, read on!

Begin Your Day With A Power-Packed Breakfast

healthy breakfast

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healthy breakfast

In her audiobook, Rujuta stated a mantra that Kareena Kapoor follows too. She said, “Eat that wholesome meal 60 to 90 minutes pre-workout to ensure that you are able to optimize muscle fiber recruitment during exercise. This leads to a bigger afterburn (more calories burned post-workout), and you get your results in a shorter period of time”.

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Have Classic Nimbu Pani As A Mid-Afternoon Drink

nimbu pani healthy food

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nimbu pani healthy food

While promoting a healthy diet, Rujuta emphasized having a nimbu pani post-lunch.

This is not the ordinary nimbu pani. You can prepare this drink by adding lemon juice, sugar, black salt, kesar, and a bit of ginger to plain water. This can be your mid-afternoon pick-me-up drink which you can have after a few hours post-lunch.

This drink is said to work wonders for your skin and body. Rujuta Diwekar further adds, “It keeps the afternoon slump away. The Kesar works miracles for the hair and skin, while the ginger and Kala namak combo will leave you feeling light and helps avoid bloating on tough working days”.

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Have A Wholesome Dinner

dal chawal ghee healthy dinner

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dal chawal ghee healthy dinner

Rujuta Diwekar‘s primary idea of a healthy lifestyle is having a wholesome dinner. She advises people to have dal-chawal-ghee or khichdi-dahi, or doodhi sabzi and jowar roti with ghee for dinner.

Not only these dishes are filled with nutrition, but they are also easy-to-make, and easily available in most Indian households. It’s a win-win, friends!

According to the celebrity nutritionist, “An early and wholesome dinner ensures good, restorative sleep that helps the hormones stay in a state of balance and has an anti-aging effect on the body. Waking up fresh and sleeping soundly are the cornerstones of leading a good life”.

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