What are Eddie Hall’s and Hafthor Bjornsson’s weights and diet plans? Two foes prepare to face each other in boxing ring

Former World’s Strongest Man title holders Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson are preparing to face one another in the boxing ring in the United Arab Emirates. The fight, which will air on SEGI TV, is expected to take place on Saturday, March 19 at the Dubai Duty-free Tennis Stadium.

It had been scheduled for September last year, but was postponed after Eddie suffered an injury, meaning he couldn’t fight. Both men have pledged to donate significant amounts of money to the winner’s charity and have reportedly said the loser will also get a tattoo on their body.

But as the big day approaches for the pair, you might be wondering what their weight and diet plans have been. Well, here’s what we know.

Eddie Hall: What’s his weight and diet plan?

Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall, who was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, weighs around 25 stone or 163kg. His diet has changed since he won the World’s Strongest Man contest, where he used to consume litres of cranberry juice. He told GQ Magazine: “I used to drink litres and litres of cranberry juice when I was strongman training because I was doing four or five hours of training a day while consuming 12,000 calories.”

Eddie revealed in a YouTube video his typical daily food consumption when he was competing for the strongman contest. He started with his first breakfast, consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and fried bread.

Then, later, he had porridge and sun-raised raisins. With that meal, he also had a banana, some kiwis, some beef jerky and scoops of protein.

He went on to consume water, cashew nuts, and one of his strongman favourites that we’ve already mentioned, cranberry juice.

Later on, he consumed rib-eye steak, pasta and vegetables, with some water. Also with his lunch, he has some cheesecake. Typically, he then consumed a tuna sandwich, flapjack and some fruit. Corned beef may then be eaten. Spaghetti bolognese was his final meal. His total calorie count came in at 16,000 – a huge amount.

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Now, though, he’s taking in around 7,000 calories and is under a strict fitness regime, overseen by his businesswoman wife, Alexandra. In October last year, just before the boxing match was due to take place, she told StokeonTrent Live that Eddie consumes around six meals a day, but these are not normal-sized portions.

She said: “Eddie doesn’t eat normal sized meals, so I have to serve it to him on a platter because it’s too much food to fit on a plate. I cook all of Eddie’s meals, unless there are some days where I am overloaded with my own commitments. In that case, I will prepare it for him and I will leave him instructions on how to cook it.”

She added: “It’s not that Eddie can’t or won’t cook, but I don’t think he has ever had the time to try, he has always been so busy with training and competing. I try to take care of as much as I can around the house so that Eddie can focus completely on his training.”

Eddie revealed in an interview with GQ Magazine some of the foods he now consumes, which includes smoked salmon rather than a full English breakfast. He said: “Now, I have those wholesome meals, [typically] things like smoked salmon for breakfast instead of a full English. And it’s all organic.

“I don’t put anything that’s not organic in my body anymore. Lunch might be 250 grams of chicken with rice which I cook in chicken bone broth to get all the collagen and minerals, and some organic vegetables on the side. Dessert is an organic orange. And we’re probably talking half the calorie intake. I easily have five protein shakes a day too. At my peak, I was 196 kilograms.”

Hafthor Bjornsson: What’s his weight and diet plan?

Hafthor Bjornsson
Hafthor Bjornsson

Hafthor Bjornsson weighs around 23-and-a-half stone or 150kg. Like Eddie, Hafthor consumed a huge amount of calories when he was competing in the strongman competitions, consuming up to 10,000 per day.

But now, he’s changed his diet, consuming 4,000 calories per day. So, what does he eat? Hafthor now has five meals per day, according to The Sun newspaper.

For breakfast, the star will have 250g of flank steak, two eggs, 50g of blueberries, 60g of oats and 100g of strawberries. Then, he’ll have 250g of beef, 140g of rice and 100g of spinach.

For meal three he’ll have 250g of potatoes, 225g of cod and 100g of spinach. For meal four, he’ll consume 225g of salmon, 100g of courgette and 100g of rice. For his final meal, he’ll have 250g of yoghurt, 100g of berries and 30g of peanut or almond butter.

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