Top 7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas.

Top 7 Decoration and Update Ideas for a Bathroom |

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, and one of the most sought-after rooms for prospective buyers. Bathrooms have a huge impact on our home life, as we used them each to maintain hygiene and health, in addition to getting ready in there. For most homeowners, it’s important that their bathroom is well maintained, however, bathroom renovations can be costly, and in addition to this, take a lengthy amount of time to complete. Thankfully, amongst the expensive and luxurious bathroom redesigns and renovations, there are also budget-friendly and efficient ways to totally transform your bathroom. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast”, perhaps bathroom renovations are the place to start. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top 10 bathroom decorating ideas.

1- Painting the Ceiling:

Instead of having a white or neutral toned ceiling, how about adding a splash of colour to your bathroom ceiling? Painting your bathroom ceiling is a great way to add a unique and personal element to your bathroom and do something different. 

2- Invest in Affordable Flooring Alternative:

From buying to installation, replacing your bathroom floor can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are cheap alternatives to revamping your bathroom flooring. Luxury vinyl tiling (also known as LVT) is a great way to redesign your bathroom floor, but without the cost. There are plenty of designs to choose from and are an excellent choice in water resistant flooring.

3- Upgrade Your Storage:

 When it comes to home storage, bathrooms are a bit of an afterthought. Adding ladder shelves, drawers or wicker baskets is a great way to make the bathroom feel brand new. Having accessible bathroom storage helps the room to look less cluttered, in addition to making the room feel more spacious.

4- Adding Plants:

Redesign your lackluster bathroom by adding greenery to your bathroom space. It’s an easy way to upgrade the whole room, and not only will it help to improve the air quality of your bathroom, but it will add colour and texture to the room. 

5- Rustic Feature Wall:

This inexpensive hack will certainly transform your bathroom. If you have a bare wall in your bathroom that brings down the design of the room, add peel and stick floor tiles to the wall to create a rustic feature wall. The use of vinyl will withstand the humidity and moisture in the bathroom, and due to the varied designs, colours and textures, you can choose anything you desire.

6. Replace the Faucets:

A tiny change that can make a huge difference is changing the faucets in your bathroom. Over time, bathroom faucets begin to wear and tear, and can make the bathroom look run down and not maintained. Not only will replacing your bathroom faucets make your bathroom have a crisp finish and show attention to detail, but it’s the perfect way to add contrasting textures and colours to the room.

7. Changing the Light Fixture:

Changing your light fixture can dramatically transform your bathroom. Depending on what design of light fixture you choose- whether that’s a modern and sophisticated fixture or an antique fixture, it can dramatically impact the vibe of your bathroom. Perhaps a statement light fixture will work well if you have a minimalist bathroom, or a chic chandelier for a glamorous effect.