Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Live Band

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After all the ups and downs you may have come through, your wedding is an event that should be truly unforgettable.  Although a wedding is meant to be more enjoyable for the couple starting their newly-married life. But it has become more about pleasing the audience; listening to their happiness is truly a moment to savour. 

You can take specific steps to make this remarkable event unforgettable; one of these steps for keeping your audience engaged from the start to the very end is hiring a wedding live band.

Before starting, we need to know the main differences between hiring a group (Wedding live band) for a live performance or a person to play pre-recorded songs (a DJ).

Wedding Live Bands vs DJs

A wedding live band is a group of artists, singers, and dancers who can perform in almost any genre. They have the ability to personalize the songs according to the moment and keep the audience engaged. You set up them that what kind of songs you need them to sing during your event.

Whereas, a disk-jockey, especially in this era of the internet, can play any songs following the audience’s choice. Although a DJ can be hired at a much reasonable price, they can keep the audience less entertained.

DJs do not require space more than a table, but that can’t make you stick to hiring a DJ. Another advantage of hiring a wedding live band is that they bring authenticity to your reception.

So, let us dig deeper without any further delay!

Why Wedding Live Bands?

The singing and dancing of the wedding live band singapore are not just physical, but something more abstract is being developed in the audience’s minds.

There are uncountable reasons why you should choose a wedding live band to make this special event unforgettable. Here are some significant reasons for hiring a wedding live band.

Creates a Lively Environment

Unlike a DJ, a wedding live band can create a lively environment in which everyone feels the specialness of the event. From 2-years crying Sam to 87-years serious grandma, a wedding band can change everyone’s mood.

Wedding bands can create a jolly environment that tells you it is a ceremony of two loved ones without telling it is a wedding. A band can turn on an adrenaline-rush in someone who doesn’t even prefer the music of your type.

Sets a Mood

Music shouts when words fail, yes that’s true!

Finding the wedding band with the right musicians can help set up the mood or tone of the wedding. They can set up any theme according to your demands. For example, you can make them set a romantic or a funny mood as per your choice.

Wedding live bands can personalize the songs for the couple and even change the tempo to engage the crowd. Now you are the only one who can decide that the wedding will be boring or engaging.

It is Unique

The joy and passion top-notch wedding live bands can bring to your memorable event is priceless. Their impeccable singing is just there to test the audience’s talent for dancing. Live solos, duos, band performances are rare (people even buy tickets for such performances) being found free.

No matter what, the joy of 5 guys singing, dancing and engaging with the audience seems awesomely unique. In this decade of technology, wedding live bands reflect culture and nostalgia.

It is Memorable

An energetic performance at the reception, cocktail hours, and the wedding night that keeps the audience entertained is unforgettable. An incredible band will ensure that the guests will remember your wedding in positive words even after months and years.

The mere spinning of a DJ is not enough to keep your event remembered in the minds of the audience. The phenomenal live performance of a band can create topics to conversate in the near future.

You may even receive a call from your cousin that he wants your band to play at his wedding. The moment you are blushing would be absolutely unique.

The Flexibility

A significant advantage of wedding live bands is the flexibility you get. They can pause, start, restart at any time you request. You can avoid the frustration of strangers watching you all the time by asking your band to keep the music heat-up. They will be attracted by the quality of live music and keeping their eyes off your loved ones.

Makes The Audience Interact (Enjoy)

Creativity is the key to making the audience interact. Some wedding live bands have fantastic singers whose voices are just magical. Unlike DJs, live bands do not just sing, but they give the audience something to watch. The authenticity of the wedding live bands can also be realized from their facial expressions. Whether or not they hit the dance floor, but a good band ensures that the audience dances well.

The spontaneous interaction of the audience increases their energy and zeal. Professional wedding bands are well-aware of how to please the audience.

Let The Couple Enjoy

We should not always care about the happiness of other people. Giving some attention to yourself doesn’t make you a selfish person.

If we go to the roots, a wedding is a ceremony to make a stronger bond between a couple who will spend the rest of their lives together.

Wedding live bands ensure that the couple enjoys either romantic songs or funny raps. Professional wedding live bands do everything to keep the couple entertained along with the audience. They use visual, audial and every other method for this sake.


Wedding live bands are a key for keeping your audience thrilled throughout. With countless reasons why you should choose a wedding live band, now you decide to make your special event remarkable for the audience too!