Popular Mexican Restaurant in Texas

Stacey C. Slagle

Texas is the home of a wide range of restaurants to satisfy your hungry stomach. Most will undoubtedly cause mayhem on your wallet. Still, every once in a while, you’ll find a restaurant with very fair prices for delicious food in Texas.

El Rincon

Started as a family-owned Mexican restaurant, El Rincon is the place you’re looking for if you want good food that won’t cost you much money. This family-style restaurant has been one of the most popular in the area, and El Rincon is the best Mexican kitchen and tequila bar in Texas.

This casual restaurant is perfect for any time, day or night, and is an excellent location for a dinner date, formal party, or just a family get-together with the kids in tow. The ambiance is a taste of Mexico and hasn’t changed much at all. Of course, any resident of Texas will be quick to tell you that a Mexican “theme” is not needed.

Mexican Restaurants in Texas

Most Mexican restaurants in Texas look like a beautiful villa inside, large booths, and small tables, plus a bar to serve up their margaritas. The outside of the building is traditional Mexican clay that appears pink, and the restaurant’s back boasts outdoor seating on the patio.

While restaurants in Texas ambiance and cuisine could earn a spot on the best restaurants in the united states, don’t expect every restaurant to knock you out with the newest take on Mexican food. Every single dish on the menu is either classical Mexican or Tex-Mex – a fusion of American and Mexican dishes.

This fusion shows up in a dish like nachos. Before that, the idea of covering tortilla chips with cheese and other toppings was unheard of. The chef discovered a brilliant yet straightforward recipe that has stood the test of time by pure dumb luck.

Restaurants in Texas can still be very packed at times. Although you don’t need to make a reservation, it is advised you do so, especially if eating there on the weekends. The prices are probably the most appealing aspect of the restaurant today. A person can easily walk in with 20 bucks and walk out full. You can’t say this for many other restaurants, especially in Texas.

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