Perfect Nangs for the Perfect Confectionary Use

Stacey C. Slagle

For countless recipes, whipped cream ends up becoming an essential ingredient: for its delicious flavor and extremely practical preparation. Whipped cream allows you to shape your recipes, making decorations of different colors and flavors.

You can make beautiful decorations and desserts, and we will explain the details of this marvel of the world of confectionery. The whipped cream capsules or nangs are now available online. To find the great place to order Nangs in Melbourne the online option can really be useful for you.

Whipped cream is made of what?

Whipped has only two main ingredients: sugar and fresh cream. You can use the fresh cream used in the confectionery, this will make your whipped cream reach the ideal texture point in a more practical way. Using icing sugar will make your whipped cream smoother.

How to prepare Whipped Cream?

Before starting the recipe preparation, we suggest that you leave the cream fresh hours before in the refrigerator, because if the cream is not extremely cold at the time of beating, it will take a butter texture, because the cream Fresh milk is milk fat, without whey and pasteurized.

Beat the fresh cream until it becomes consistent, and then add the icing sugar little by little. Remember to put the fresh cream in a large bowl, as the recipe can grow to three times its size.You can beat using an electric mixer or manually, whichever you prefer. 

To add flavor to your whipped cream, just add essence of the flavor you want or a little flavoring paste that will also add color to the whipped cream. To add color, you can choose the water-soluble dye, your whipped cream will continue with the ideal point and the color you want.

How to use canned whipped cream?

To make whipped cream in a box, just use 500g of whipped cream in a box and put in a mixer with 50g of powdered milk and beat until firm, then add condensed milk to hydrate the whipped cream to the desired point.

Attention: It is extremely important that the whipped cream in the box is very cold at the time of making the recipe, so we recommend that you leave the whipped cream in the refrigerator for 12 hours before starting the preparation.

The point of Whipped: how to know?

The correct point for your whipped cream is when it is already firm, you will lift the fan and the whipped cream will not fall. Do not beat the cream too much, as it may have a butter texture and it will be irreversible.

There are creams suitable for whipped cream, they are sold in boxes and following their instructions their preparation is extremely fast and practical. You can work with whipped cream to produce desserts, cake decorations with smoothing and spatulation and work with piping nozzles, so the point of the whipped cream is extremely important.


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