My super-picky pup tried Instagram’s favorite food for pooches. Here’s her honest-to-dog take

Stacey C. Slagle

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The sniff test. (Photo: Ollie)
The sniff test. (Photo: Ollie)

My pomeranian-chihuahua Chloe is the quintessential picky eater. She accepts one brand of dog food and has been devouring only that since the moment I adopted her. Put anything else in her bowl, and she’ll turn up her nose. While this makes trips to the grocery store (or recently, ordering online) simple, it doesn’t do much for variety in her diet.

Chloe is also getting older. At 10, her teeth are less than stellar (truthfully, they were never all that great to begin with, which is pretty standard for her breed). It’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to chew hard, dry kibble, which means eventually she’s going to have to transition to soft food.

Enter: Ollie. No, Ollie is not one of Chloe’s play pals at the dog park. It’s a personalized meal service for pups that features human-grade ingredients. Yes, like Blue Apron. Fine food for your favorite creature on the planet. We’re talking meat sourced from family farms, gently cooked fruits and veggies, superfoods like chia seeds—and a complete absence of yucky fillers. These delicious meals are delivered straight to your door, so you never have to hoist a 15-pound bag of kibble out of the car again.

While pricing varies based on your fur baby’s weight and preferred recipe, it starts at less than $2 per day for small dogs who are exclusively fed Ollie. And right now, you can score 50 percent off your first order for a limited time. Ollie has two meal plans—Full Ollie (14 trays delivered every two weeks) and Some Ollie (28 smaller packs of food delivered every four weeks; meant to supplement your pup’s meals). The food will stay fresh for 14 days unopened—and 5 days after the seal is broken. This food service is a contract, but you can cancel any time.

We think it’s a good switch-up for pets who already eat wet food. Ollie meals are designed so you can see each individual ingredient, so you’re not just feeding your pet gross-looking mush. The soft texture is great for older dogs or pups who have a hard time chewing kibble.

Before your pup can dig in, they need to take a short quiz about their age, breed, health, weight, activity level and allergies. Ollie then suggests a specific portion size based on how many calories are needed — you can select beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, or get them all to really add some variety. You also get to see a list of ingredients in each meal. Chloe chose Chicken Goodness—because she is, of course, a good girl.

The next choice is about frequency. For Chloe, I chose the “Some Ollie” plan, because as any pet parent knows, introducing too much of a new food can leave you with some unpleasant consequences. Last, you can add on treats, like human-grade turkey or chicken strips. After some discussion, my girl and I chose both.

"I'd like to thank my human mom for her support and loyalty..." (Photo: Izabella Zaydenberg)
“I’d like to thank my human mom for her support and loyalty…” (Photo: Izabella Zaydenberg)

Unboxing was exciting. Chloe’s sealed food trays were surrounded by dry ice, which kept them cold and ready for the freezer. Her new noms came with a welcome kit, which included personalized instructions on how to introduce the delectables to picky pups to avoid tummy troubles. Also included: a tray, a scoop and poop bags — Ollie has thought of everything.

My pup was, of course, wary at first, but after a bit of coaxing (and a generous sprinkling of turkey jerky on top) she lapped up her first serving of Chicken Goodness (which, aside from chicken, is also packed with rice, carrots and peas). Ollie is gentle on Chloe’s teeth. She seems to enjoy the softer texture and I like that she’s not eating the canned stuff that’s often packed with preservatives and byproducts. I can’t speak to the taste, but Chloe has been pushing aside her kibble to lap up every last speck of Chicken Goodness these days (on the “Some Ollie” plan, I’m mixing her Ollie soft food with her original kibble).

Chloe’s favorite part of her new meal plan is, of course, the treats. They’re made from a single ingredient — chicken or turkey — and they’re so fresh, they’re meant to be refrigerated after opening. In fact, they’re apparently so good that my cat has started stealing them.

Sure, your pet already loves you. But there’s always room for more cuddles and you’re sure to get the most after presenting your pooch this gourmet grub. So dig into this incredible offer: To snag 50 percent off your first box, just fill out the quiz and you’ll automatically get the savings — no code needed.

Now, if only Ollie made a plan for cats — because after stealing a bite of Chloe’s treat, my fabulous feline is ready to ditch her Fancy Feast for good.

Shop it: Ollie meal plan, from less than $2 a day (get 50 percent off your first box),

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