Josh Warrington explains why he celebrated his world title win with a Mars bar

Josh Warrington stopped Kiko Martinez in seven rounds to reclaim his IBF featherweight world title and has been speaking for the first time since Saturday night

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Josh Warrington kept himself going during the weeks of training for his world title showdown with Kiko Martinez by dreaming of his favourite junk food of cheeseburgers and cake.

But the broken jaw he suffered in his seven-round stoppage of Martinez to become IBF featherweight champion put paid to those plans. Warrington needed surgery to fix his jaw and is on a liquid diet for two weeks.

The biggest treat he has had to celebrate one of the greatest wins of his career has been a liquidised Mars bar. “I’ve got a broken jaw,” he said. “I’ve got a metal plate in the side of my face, I’ve got a damaged hand, but I guess you can’t go swimming without getting wet.

“It’ll probably be a minimum of six weeks before I’m back in the gym which is absolutely killing me, I can’t even eat.

“I’m on a liquid diet. I was looking forward to eating cakes and cheeseburgers and I can’t have them. Everything goes through the blender.

Josh Warrington shows off his broken jaw

“I’ve had a Mars bar put in the blender to have a milkshake. That’s as luxurious as it’s got, a Mars bar!

“I’ve considered a kebab, I’ve considered fish and chips, I’ve considered a Big Mac, but it’s not the same is it?”

Warrington, 30, has another week of sucking his blended food through a straw before he is allowed to eat properly again and says he has lost weight.

“I’ve got another eight days of it,” said the Leeds fighter. “So another week or so, and I’ll be able to tuck into the cheeseburgers and fish and chips again.

“I’ve still got a six pack and I way weigh less than I did on Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, I was nine stone 10, nine stone 11. By the time I got to the ring, I was probably about 10 stone.

“I got weighed yesterday, and I’m nine stone eight.

“I’ll be a super-flyweight by the end of the week!

“But do you know what, I’m world champion again so that’s better than anything.”

Josh Warrington produced one of his career best displays to beat Kiko Martinez



Warrington’s broken jaw has ended any chance of him facing WBA champ Leigh Wood in June a the City Ground.

His sights have always been set on fighting in America and he wants his next fight to be against the WBA Super champion Leo Santa Cruz.

“Santa Cruz is a name that I’ve been shouting out for a long, long time,” he said. “He was champion when I first became world champion in 2018.

“I’ve been saying for a long time I want to go to the States. I’ve done everything I want to do over here. It’s just something that’s a personal goal to fight in America, to fight in someone’s backyard, so why not have a fight over there?

“I know Leigh Wood wants to fight me, but I was here first. I know he was world champion now before I was, but I’ve been at this level before him. Back in 2018, he was just waiting for opportunities.

“I hope I can push in front of him and I promise him if I do the business against Santa Cruz, he will be my first defence.”

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