Ido Fishman Highlights Cake Decorating Tools that Every Beginner Should Have

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Essential Cake Decorating Tools | Cake by Courtney

They say an artist is only as good as the tools they have. So, before you start on decorating a cake, build an arsenal of baking essentials. However, this does not mean that you have to have every kitchen gadget ever invented. According to Ido Fishman, you need only a couple of simple items to decorate your cake. 

  1. Cake Decorating Turntable

Get yourself a multi-purpose turntable, which will help you ice, decorate, and consequently, serve your cakes. It comes with a non-slip base to keep your cake in place while you work. It is especially great if you need to ice smooth edges or pipe borders on your wonderful treat. 

  1. Cake Leveler

Ido Fishman believes that making consistent cake layers will become a breeze once you have an adjustable cake leveler. You will no longer have to deal with uneven cutting. This particular cake leveler comes with an adjustable blade, which will help you cut and trim your cakes with ease. 

  1. Cake Icing Smoother

Do you want to wow your guests with the presentation of your cake? Well, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a cake icing smoother to give your cake a polished finish. This stainless steel has a comfort grip, which makes it easy to hold. If you use this tool with a turntable, you might just have perfect icing edges every time you whip up a delicious cake. 

  1. Angled Spatula

Whether you want to spread fillings in between layers, ice your cakes, or frost cupcakes, this universal angled spatula is the tool that does it all. It is a must-have for you, if you are a decorator or baker. Ido Fishman food blog states that it is one of the best kitchen tools for decoration purposes. 

  1. Cake Strips

Have you ever wondered how pros bake cakes without any crowns? Their secret is Bake Even strips. These fabric bands have the ability to insulate all the sides of your cake pan to ensure that the batter cooks evenly. Once it is done baking, your cake will come out perfectly without any cracks, crusty edges, or crowns!

  1. Pan Coating

Ido Fishman guarantees that your cake will come out perfectly every single time if you use a pan coating. All you need to do is use a thin layer to coat your pan and then fill it with batter. Voila! Your cakes will come out without a problem and you will have the perfect surface to do your decorating. 

  1. Food Coloring System

A food coloring system helps you take out all the guesswork needed for coloring. It features ultra-concentrated colors in easy-to-control bottles. Therefore, you will be able to obtain just the perfect amount of color each time. Feel free to use it with icing, frosting, cake better, and fondant. 

  1. Decorating Tip Poster

Any decorator, according to Ido Fishman, should have a tip poster for themselves. It should feature important and popular decorating tips on the go, to guide you towards the look you want to create. 

  1. Icing Tip Set – Buttercream Flowers

These kind of flowers are a staple when it comes to cake decorating. Once you obtain this tip set, you will be able to pipe beautiful roses, leaves, blossoms, and drop flowers. It is a beginner set recommended by many experts. 

  1. Disposable Counter Covers

Cleanup can be a breeze but, only if you use disposable counter covers for your table or countertop. They are easy to use and simply stick to your work surface. Peel off the adhesive and prepare your materials, it is time to start decorating. Once you are done making a yummy cake, simply clear out the mess and have a clean countertop. 

If you want a flawless looking cake, these are all the essential tools you will need to help get you there. Do not waste time and buy them right away so you can start decorating as soon as possible!

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