‘I have the right to be mad’

Stacey C. Slagle

A boyfriend unexpectedly changed his birthday plans last minute. Now his girlfriend wants to know if she overreacted.

The woman sought answers out on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The issue began on her boyfriend’s 32nd birthday. They had made plans to be alone together a month before. But on the big day, he decided he’d rather spend it with his entire family.

“About a month ago, we made a plan how [sic] we were going to celebrate,” she wrote. “We decided I’m going to make a fancy dinner just for him and me. I’ve bought the ingredients, including some fine veal, for the dinner. Today, he informed me that plans changed and that we’re going to his parents’ house instead. No fancy intimate dinner for us, his whole family that includes mom, dad, grandma, two brothers and their families.”

But that wasn’t the only thing that had changed for the evening. The boyfriend was also making another big ask.

“What really sent me off was him suggesting I take the ingredients I bought for our dinner to his parents’ and help his mom make his b-day dinner. I refused to do that,” she explained. “I’ve cooked with his mother before and she is very opinionated about other people’s skills and not in a good way. It’ll just make me madder about the situation I’m already furious about so I’ll avoid it at all costs. Besides, it’s not enough food for so many people.”

The boyfriend did not respond well. He accused her of being “uncooperative,” “petty” and of “hating his family.”

“I get it, it’s his birthday. He can celebrate however he wants to. But I was heavily involved in plans that changed last minute. I think I have the right to be mad,” she stated.

Most Reddit users were on the girlfriend’s side.

“Honestly, he could have given you more of a heads up and yeah a meal for two can’t be split between more than two people,” one user wrote.

“People who change plans last minute don’t deserve every whim of theirs to be catered to,” another said.

“Sounds like you have some differences in communication styles, to put it mildly. You’re right that it’s his birthday, but it’s rude to change plans at the last minute, especially with all the prep you did,” a user added.

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