How to Eat Pizza: 5 Tips for Eating Pizza (the Right Way)

You might think no one needs advice on how to eat pizza correctly, especially in the U.S where 100 acres of pizza are eaten every day. It seems that eating pizza comes almost as naturally to Americans as cows eating grass. With such popularity though, comes strong opinions on how to eat pizza the right way.

An ancient proverb says the wise man takes in more knowledge. In this article, you’ll get the chance to take in more knowledge and pizza all at the same time. We’re going to share with you 5 top tips for eating pizza that will ensure you get the best out of every bite.

For true pizza lovers, there’s no wrong time to eat pizza. One thing is for sure, by the time you finish reading this article, your craving for pizza will be off the chart.

1. Better Hot Than Not

In the world of pizzas, this is a hot topic for sure. Some people say that cold pizza has a better flavor. Others extol the virtues of eating cold pizza the next day. 

In fact, there is something pleasurable and almost liberating about eating cold pizza for breakfast. That is especially true if you weren’t expecting to find any of it left in your refrigerator. Eating cold pizza the next morning is like putting your nose up at all the ‘sensible eaters.’

So it must be acknowledged that there is a definite pleasure associated with eating cold pizza, but that is usually as a consequence of having pizza leftover rather than an actual preference. It is noteworthy that you cannot order cold pizza from the menu.

The bottom line is that pizza is best eaten fresh and hot. That’s how it was made and that’s how the majority of people enjoy it. That said, no one objects to an extra slice served cold the next day.  

2. Hands-On

Another controversy is whether you should reach for the pizza with your hands or use cutlery. Once again, there are reasons why people may choose to use a knife and fork, but that may not be associated with enjoying the best taste and experience.

If you’re in a nice restaurant wearing your best clothes and looking to make a good impression, it’s understandable how you might opt for cutlery. Social politeness and conventions aside though, the best way to eat pizza is to use your hands. 

Many cultures enjoy eating with their hands and would find using a knife and fork not only odd but far less pleasurable. Indian culture and the Ayurveda holistic approach to life advocates many benefits from using your fingers to eat food

Scientists tell us that the fingertips are some of the most sensitive parts of the body with thousands of nerve receptors at the tips which are involved in complex neural tasks. That means that as you ‘touch’ your pizza you’re enhancing your experience of eating it. Millions of pizza eaters would wholeheartedly agree.

3. Shape Matters

If you’re a pizza restaurant, there may be some practical reasons why you make your pizza rectangular in shape. Some restaurants sell their pizza by the yard, and so the shape has four sides and is easily cut into shareable segments. Practical and commercial considerations aside, the best way to eat pizza is to eat a triangular slice from a round pizza.

Did you know that Pizza Hut sent the first pizza into space in 2001? What shape do you think this pizza was? Even though it may have been more practical to send a square or rectangular pizza, the pizza that went into space was round.

This is partly because that’s what we expect when we eat pizza. Apart from our expectations, it’s worth knowing that when the pizza dough is properly prepared and tossed the spinning action helps to create a round shape. Check out this pizza pinsa restaurant for some great examples.

4. Art of Folding

So far we’ve established you should be eating your pizza hot, with your hands and a triangular slice. If you’re an amateur eating pizza using this method, you could easily cause an ‘avalanche.’

In the world of pizzas, this is jargon for losing all your topping and being left with just the base. This is a pizza-eating catastrophe. To avoid it, you should orientate the pizza so that you’re holding either end of the crust and gently fold the pizza so that it starts to look a little bit like a paper airplane.

Instead of launching it across the room, your pizza topping will remain secure and your pizza flight plan will be set for your mouth. With enough practice, you’ll become a pizza pilot in no time.

5. Top Tip

Of course, you can start to eat your pizza from whatever point you like. But if you want to do it right you must start at the tip. This will ensure your first bite is the best bite.

Starting at the tip will give you an even bit into what would have been the center of the pizza. From here, you can work your way back to the crust. This method is also practical and best suited to eating pizza with your hands.

Know How to Eat Pizza 

In this article, you’ve read about 5 top tips for knowing how to eat pizza like a pro. If you’re not already doing this, you need to order a pizza as soon as possible and get stuck in following these tips.  

You’ll find following these tips will make eating pizza a much more sensory experience. Remember, practice makes perfect, so now you have the perfect excuse to get more pizza. Check out other stimulating food and diet-related articles on our site.