Cooking Without Water – A New Concept In Healthy Cooking

Stacey C. Slagle

When we cook food from the can that already has water we add more in order to get the food done. This causes us to sacrifice flavor and the nutrition of the food. Did you know that with certain cookware cooking without water is possible?

What is Waterless Cooking?

Unbelievably it is just what it says, the ability to cook food without the added water. This is not something that many people know exist, or is even possible. What this cooking does is it allows food to be cooked in its own moisture. The material the cookware is made from allows the food to cook by steam as opposed to the heat itself.

The Biggest Factor to Waterless Cooking

The most important factor that allows waterless cooking is the cookware. This specially constructed cookware is designed to retain the moisture of the food it is cooking. The lids are made differently from the traditional cookware. Traditional cookware is designed to let the steam out through holes in the top. Waterless cookware is designed to hold the steam in and seals tightly to keep the steam from escaping.

What Makes it Better

• The food is cooked faster

• The food is not dried out by being over cooked

• The food maintains its natural nutrition

• Its non-stick quality makes it easy to clean

• Cooks without having to be constantly watched

• Food retains its natural color and looks healthy after being cooked

• Last longer than regular cookware

What to Consider Before Buying

Before you purchase any waterless cookware, examine your cooking needs and be sure that you purchase the cookware that is suitable for you. If you know someone who has already discovered waterless cookware find out which pieces work best for him or her. Just keep in mind that the universal cookware will allow you to cook on the stove top as well as in the oven. It is also cheaper to buy the cookware in sets instead of individually.

People who have discovered the ability to cook without water are getting the benefit of healthy and delicious food. Do the research, check the reviews, order the cookware that’s best for you, and enjoy cooking without water.

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