Catering Business in Pandemic Period. Yes or No?

Stacey C. Slagle
15 tactics to keep your food business running during COVID-19 ...

During a pandemic, many people have to think hard about making money. The reason is, many employees are forced to be subject to salary cuts to swallow the bitter pill such as layoffs in the midst of the rampant spread of the Corona virus. Not only does it have an impact on employees, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are also affected, and even have to go out of business.

Therefore, to survive we have to think extra creatively. The government policy that forces us to stay at home and work from home also does not allow us to do outdoor activities. 

Reporting from the page, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Jasaboga Organizing Association (PPJI) Irwan Iden Gobel revealed that even though the turnover of catering business actors has fallen by up to 90 percent due to the impact of the corona pandemic, due to the creativity of business actors using online marketing channels, turnover also increased to 30 percent of sales.  

From this we can conclude that the catering business still has the potential to do so during this pandemic. The reason is, food is one of the basic needs. No wonder the food business, including catering, is still promising. Because, even though people are forced to stay at home, they don’t have time to shop and cook by themselves. As a result, buying food from outside the home or ordering catering is a solution.

In fact, seeing this opportunity, many dine-in restaurant entrepreneurs have also switched to selling side dishes or complete home-made ready-to-eat menus. Why is that? Because only in this way can they survive the ban on dine-in at restaurants. Like it or not, entrepreneurs must adapt to changes and look to catering business as an alternative to their business.

If you do have qualified cooking skills, a large enough kitchen and complete cooking utensils, you can also make this an opportunity. Even though the competition is not exactly small, try to create a unique catering business with a variety of promotions, and can be ordered online. Qasir is optimistic that this method can make your catering business have good prospects.

Preparing to create a catering business at home

Are you determined to open a catering business at home? There are many things you need to prepare. Before moving, make sure you’ve done the steps below!

Establish a target market

Whatever endeavor, never miss this part. Although there is always an urge to sell to the widest possible market, remember to define your market specifically. This will determine the uniqueness of the product you are selling and the sales strategy. Then, analyze again what menus are selling well among the targets you are aiming for. 

For example, if you want to target people who care about health, you can make a vegan menu variant in your menu range. Or for example, if you want to target the Korean drama lover community, you can also add Korean style menus, such as BBQ chicken mozzarella.  You can make catering business to corporate like Corporate Caterers Sydney.

Show the uniqueness of your caterer

Opening a home catering business is common. But so that your profits can be multiplied, you also need to add uniqueness to your catering. This can be a selling point that you can make an advantage of.

For example, you can make a different menu every month. If within one month you have made Indonesian dishes, you can continue with dishes from other countries, such as Japan, Korea, or Europe to add variants to your catering menu.

Not only food from different countries, you also need to look at some foods that are hype . For example, ramen with a mixture of toppoki or baked spaghetti that is served in a day so that customers continue to wait for your caterer eagerly.

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