Benefits of Goat milk formula

Twofold overweight risk for five-year-olds given milk cereal drinks in  infancy | University of Gothenburg

Goat milk is considered for ages as a gentle and notorious version of milk. Pediatricians evaluate cow’s milk next best to breast milk, but goat milk formula is a blessing for small sensitive stomachs. Kabrita formula is made of goat milk to help children with cow milk sensitivity. It is a common problem among infants. If your child suffers from the following symptoms mildly to moderately-

  • Gas, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Eczema
  • Chronic chest congestion
  • Recurrent ear infection.
  • Reflux
  • Chronic nasal congestion.

There are chances that the child is intolerant to cow’s milk. There are many benefits of giving your infant goat milk formula.

Benefits of Kabrita formula

Protein Content

The amount of protein in goat milk and cow milk is the same. So, the child will get the same nourishment, but some qualities in cow milk protein lack in goat’s milk, making it possible to be gentle on the stomach.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is used in infant formula to make it more nourishing. The palm oil used in the this formula is of exceptional quality. It helps soften the stools and prevent the baby from being uncomfortable.

Whey In The Formula 

Infant formula is given to a baby to provide similar nutrients as is present in breast milk. The proteins present in the goat milk formula are similar to breast milk. The ratio of whey/ casein in the goat infant formula is identical to the rate of whey/ casein present in breast milk.

Added Nutrients  

This formula adds DHA to their procedure for healthier results. DHA is found in fatty fish. It helps in building more vital nerves, which are required for infant growth. Iron and calcium are also included in the formula for the development of the child.

No Synthetics

The best part of this formula is that no synthetic ingredients are added to it. Only natural goat milk whey is used to produce it. To increase the concentration for maintaining a healthy mix for infant development. The only fat content added to this formula is palmitic acid which is derived from a natural source.

No Strong Odor And Taste

The goat milk formula prepared does not have any strong taste or odor like goat cheese. The smell and taste are balanced with the help of vegetable oils.

The Right Amount of Folic Acid

The amount of folic acid naturally present in goat milk is transferred in the infant formula. Therefore, it contains the correct amount of folic acid as recommended by legal health care standards.


Motherhood is a beautiful period in one’s life. There are many lessons learned every day. The reason to switch from breastfeeding to formula is also one such decision taken by every mother independently. Whatever the cause must be, if you search for a healthy version of milk for an infant, which is gentle on the baby’s stomach and complete nutrition and no artificial flavors added to it, Kabrita formula will come in handy. The transition period is not easy for the baby or the mother, but this formula will help you along the journey.