Benefits of Choosing Government Nursing Jobs

Stacey C. Slagle

Nursing is primarily assisting the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that would be performed unaided if the patient had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge. Likewise, nursing’s unique contribution is to help the individual be independent of such assistance as soon as possible.

Nurses who can be flexible and open to additional learning opportunities may find that they have more opportunities than ever. Government nursing jobs can provide nurses with increased job stability and add valuable work experience for your resume.

Government Nursing Jobs

Government nursing jobs mainly focus on the military, including positions at the VA, where you care for veteran patients. As a government nurse, you may also work with people on Medicare or Medicaid, help determine which healthcare services have coverage, and provide each patient information. 

Alternatively, you may provide care to federal government workers, often by visiting their offices. The federal government itself employs a limited number of nurses, as most nurses who work for the government are contractors working with an outside agency, so you may want to consider it when looking for government nurse jobs. Jobs directly with the federal government may only show up on certain websites, so be sure to check these resources as well.

There are 108,616 medical nurses, practical nurses, and nursing assistants employed by the federal government, of which 1,624 work overseas or in the U.S. Territories. Most of these positions work for the VA, HHS, and the various military departments. 

There are abundant opportunities to find nursing jobs at over 1,600 veterans care facilities, including 152 hospitals, 965 outpatient clinics, 133 community living centers, and 293 VET centers. Add to this a good number of positions at federal prisons and with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Health and Human Services.

Available Positions in Metropolitan Area

Positions for registered medical nurses, practical nurses, and nursing assistants are available in all major metropolitan areas in the United States, in the U.S Territories and overseas at numerous locations. There are many occupational titles for this group as delineated within each job description below, including links to current job vacancies for each occupation.

Many believe that you have to be a veteran to be employed by the federal government, especially in the Veterans Administration. In 2013 thirty percent of all federal workers were veterans. This means that 7 out of 10 federal workers have not served in the military. This means that non-vets have an excellent chance of employment in all agencies, including with the Veterans administration. Explore all of your options. Don’t hesitate to apply for any federal jobs that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to compete. 

The development of a scientific nursing practice necessitates the use of the scientific method. The nurse identifies actual and potential health problems; diagnoses and treats human response to physical and emotional health problems through such services as case finding, management of health problems, health counseling, and teaching; provide care supportive too, or restorative of life and well-being; and assists the patient to comply with a medical regimen prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist.

The nurse deliberately assesses the client’s health problems, determines his or her role in coping with these problems, sets a plan of action that the nurse is responsible for implementing, and determines whether the prescribed methods did affect a satisfactory resolution.

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