Asda adds vegan aisle to hundreds of supermarkets

Stacey C. Slagle
Asda has become the first UK supermarket to create a vegan aisle. (Getty Images)
Asda has become the first UK supermarket to create a vegan aisle. (Getty Images)

When vegan options are dotted around a supermarket, it can be difficult for shoppers who enjoy a plant-based diet to know what’s on offer.

To tackle this, Asda has become the first UK supermarket to create a vegan aisle, housing all of its vegan produce in one place to make sure shoppers don’t miss what’s on offer.

Shoppers are now able to shop for vegan food at 359 Asda stores around the country.

The supermarket chain has also revealed plans to add more than a hundred new vegan products in its range of non-refrigerated products.

The aisle will house all of Asda's vegan products in one place. (Asda)
The aisle will house all of Asda’s vegan products in one place. (Asda)

People following a plant-based diet will now be able to shop in two separate bays in Asda stores.

One bay includes savoury foods, including proteins and cooking sauces, while the other is for sweet food and snacks.

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Asda made the decision to launch the dedicated aisles after its research showed that 17{ff534ea0be041245dec5650aca40b93bf0fbd21a075cea1ec885fc4881d621f5} of UK households are reducing their meat intake or following a plant-based diet. has seen searches of vegan lines soar since 2019, with searches increasing by 275{ff534ea0be041245dec5650aca40b93bf0fbd21a075cea1ec885fc4881d621f5}.

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Shoppers will start to notice new vegan brands popping up in store, too.

Some 104 new products will be added, including Asda’s own-label meal pots as well as a number of products from well-loved brands such as Mrs Crimbles and Vego. There will also be two exclusive Galaxy flavours and an exclusive new falafel mix from Bosh.

The products also include Asda’s pasta lentil bowl and its rice bowl, both available as quick lunches for £1.50.

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Speaking about the launch, Asda buying manager Sarah Thornewill said: “We understand that customers want a quick and simple shopping experience, and this shouldn’t be restricted by dietary requirements.

“By merchandising all our vegan items together, we hope to save customers time and offer inspiration, whether for those following a plant-based diet, or those looking to reduce their meat consumption.”

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