6 Must-try Chinese Restaurants in Quezon City

Stacey C. Slagle
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Being a salad bowl of various cultures, the Philippines offers a wide array of cuisines adapted from foreign influences. One cuisine that dominates many Filipinos’ tastebuds is Chinese cooking. From fancy restaurants to street food, you’ll most likely find a place that offers authentic and fusion Chinese food in every corner of the Philippines. 

For instance, Quezon City is a known food-tripping haven for locals and tourists. On your next trip to QC, instead of getting chow from conventional dining places, try out these six Chinese restaurants scattered around the city.

Oriental Place

Located in the lively Tomas Morato Avenue, Oriental Place has been serving authentic Chinese cuisine for over forty years. Since 1978, the Chua family has managed the restaurant. Bestsellers of the restaurant include fresh prawn salad, baked scallops, and cheese-steamed garoupa unicorn style.

Wangfu Chinese Cafe

If you are looking for a fusion restaurant, then Wangfu Chinese Cafe is the right place for you. This Singaporean-Chinese restaurant is notable for its hawker-style dishes, noodle soups, and rice meals. Bring your family and friends to indulge in signature Singaporean eats such as Hainanese Chicken, Salted Egg Chicken, spicy General Tso’s Chicken, and Seafood Laksa.

Shantung Restaurant

Named after Shandong province on China’s eastern coast, Shantung Restaurant provides genuine Chinese cuisine since 1958. Satiate your tastebuds with their hot and sour soup, Shantung fried rice,  steamed or fried pork dumplings, and pork with brown sauce paired with steamed bread. Add flavor to their iconic dishes with their special garlic chili sauce that you can buy for Php 200 per jar.

Shantung Restaurant is perhaps one favorite of many locals in the Triangle areas of Quezon City. From Mindanao Avenue, take a left to Road 8 before Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center, where you can avoid the intersection meeting EDSA’s traffic to access the restaurant. Another ideal route is to traverse Ilocos Sur Street, then Nueva Ecija Street, where Grass Residences, Department of Education, and Quezon City University are located.

Pin Wei, Seda Vertis North

Craving for fancy Cantonese cuisine? Head to Pin Wei at the luxurious Seda Vertis North. Unlike traditional Chinese restaurants in the Philippines, Pin Wei takes on a contemporary approach to their dishes and interior design. Their menu consists of classics such as Peking duck with pancakes and Dim Sum baskets, and fusion recipes such as slow-cooked US short ribs with Chinese buns and Japanese Wagyu steak bowl. Instead of lacquered dark wood fixtures, Pin Wei offers high ceilings with bleached wooden panels designed to bounce off natural light all over the place. 

Mandarin Sky

Mandarin Sky is another Chinese restaurant that offers signature dishes such as Peking duck, cold cuts platters, and sweet and sour pork. Other than these go-to delicacies, Mandarin Sky presents more exotic flavors such as deep-fried oysters and steamed eel rice. The restaurant lies along Panay Avenue parallel to EDSA.

King Chef

Want to explore various flavors from different Chinese cuisines? King Chef in Banawe Centre is mainly a Cantonese restaurant that offers dishes from other essential Chinese cuisines. The dining place is known for its wide array of dim sum, noodles, and fried rice. Try out their Hong Kong-style roasted duck, Ma Po Tofu, braised beef brisket, Pata Tim, and stir-fried vegetables.

Quezon City alone is home to various restaurants that provide different flavors of China. With travel restrictions gradually loosening up, plan your food-trip itinerary to the Philippines by adding these Chinese restaurants. You might even get to celebrate Chinese New Year the Filipino way.

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