5 Frozen Vegetable Recipes to Save Your Time

Stacey C. Slagle
10 ways with frozen vegetables - Healthy Food Guide

Cooking food at home has many benefits: it saves money, improves cooking skills, and is generally healthier and safer since you are in control of your ingredients. However, ordering in is a lucrative option nonetheless since it requires no effort. In the time of lightning-fast food delivery apps, it is hard to control oneself and cook food at home.

 If you are someone who is trying their best to stay off food delivery apps and prepare wholesome and nutritious meals for you and your family, then meal planning is your best solution. Meal planning, as its name suggests is a systemic method of pre-planning your meals in the form of a table or a chart. This can also include buying the required items along with cleaning and chopping them up for use. 

Buying, cleaning, and chopping up vegetables can take up a lot of time for someone who is reluctant to cook, however, consuming vegetables is a reliable way of gaining nutrition and good health. Today there are options like ready to eat food, frozen vegetables and more that make life easier. Hence instead of fresh, store-bought veggies, you can choose to pick up frozen vegetables such as frozen peas, frozen beans, frozen corn and more. This way your vegetables stay fresh for a long, come in chopped pieces so all you need to do is wash them to thaw and they’re ready to cook!

There are numerous delicious dishes too that can be made with frozen vegetables due to their versatile nature. Here are 5 frozen vegetable recipes to save your time:

Pea Soup: A simple and heart-warming dish that can be the start of your meal or your entire dinner, the Pea soup is subtle and delicious in taste. Easily made with frozen peas, this recipe is convenient and healthy both! Use butter, chopped garlic and onion, frozen peas, frozen spinach, vegetable stock, yoghurt or sour cream with salt to taste and you have a delectable soup ready!

Sweet corn soup: Another delightful soup item that is popular with kids and adults alike can be made with frozen corn, frozen mixed vegetables, chopped onion, ginger, garlic, starch, salt and black pepper. Cook the vegetables in some oil, then add water, starch and salt and let the mixture cook until boil. Top it up with some black pepper and you are good to go!

One-pot pasta: Made with only 4 ingredients, namely, pasta, garlic, frozen mixed vegetables, and broth, this one-pot pasta is easily going to become your go-to dinner recipe on a work night. First add broth or salted water in a pot, and then add boiled pasta, along with garlic and frozen mixed vegetables. Cover the pot and let it cook for about 10 minutes. Season with salt, spice mixes and cheese for a delicious taste.

Fried Rice: Perfect for those nights when you’re craving some Chinese or extra spicy, you can make an appetizing fried rice dish in your very own home. Chop garlic, onion, and ginger and cook it with green chillies, and a batch of frozen mixed vegetables. Season this with green chilli sauce, soy sauce and chilli vinegar. Finally, add white rice and mix for a savoury delight!

Stir-fried Vegetables: A healthy and clean dish made with very few ingredients; this stir-fried dish only takes a few minutes. Simply fry some garlic, onion and chillies along with your choice of frozen vegetables and season it with salt and spice as per your preference. You can add some boiled noodles to make it a more rounded meal, however, if you are watching your weight, only vegetables will be ideal.

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