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A Beginner's Guide to Drinking Black Coffee | Bean Box®

Before the coffee industry entered the Third Wave Era, coffee connoisseurs gave themselves to the enjoyment of simply brewed black coffee. From time to time, black coffee has become a hereditary drink that is closely attached to our culture. Now with the advent of manual brewing , black coffee is no longer brewed by simply pouring boiling hot water into coffee grounds in a cup. Black coffee is now a special ritual. Not only in taste, but also in the brewing process.

Even so, many of us are still unable to enjoy black coffee without the frills of sugar, milk and cream. In fact, it is known that black coffee is the healthiest, natural, classic and simple coffee. Black coffee is the coffee of the purists. For him, the original and original pleasure becomes the full force that the tongue loves. This article is dedicated to those who are still afraid or have never enjoyed black coffee. Because basically black coffee doesn’t just have to be thick black and incredibly bitter. Black coffee means coffee without being ‘contaminated’ by other substances in one sip.

For those of you who want to try enjoying black coffee, here are four simple ways to start enjoying this delicious “black one”.

Try Light to Medium Roast Beans

If you have ever drank black coffee and were immediately traumatized by the taste, maybe you should try light to medium roasted coffee . The taste of coffee that is too bitter and the color is too black is caused by the coffee beans from the coffee being roasted too dark, causing the taste to be really bitter.

There is no characteristic taste of coffee that you can enjoy if the too dark roasted beans have already been damaged. Try to enjoy coffee whose coffee beans are roasted light to medium . In specialty coffee shops you can find a variety of beans with different roasting levels . Ask the barista what coffee beans they recommend. Single origin that is roasted well will give a variety of amazing flavors . You can find sweetness, fruity, flower, acidity and various other kinds in the coffee you drink. In fact, you may not find the bitter taste in black coffee at all.

Don’t Drink Too Hot Coffee

Coffee gives a better taste when the temperature drops. If you enjoy coffee when the temperature is still too high (hot), then the taste you get will not be as expected. You should wait 3-4 minutes after the coffee is brewed or served and then enjoy it slowly. According to coffee professionals, the best temperature for enjoying coffee is 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, black coffee should not be brewed with water whose temperature is more than 88 degrees Celsius. Because the hotter the water used, the more bitter it will taste because caffeine melts faster through high temperatures.

Drink in Small Doses

If all this time you have enjoyed coffee with sugar or coffee with milk in a large cup, then you cannot do the same in enjoying black coffee. Black coffee for beginners should be enjoyed in a small cup because you are not used to the taste. After all, black coffee is not meant to quench thirst. So you don’t need a jumbo cup to enjoy it, right? And you should try Indian coffee beans.

Try As Many Coffees from Various Varieties

You won’t know what kind of coffee you like if you don’t try the various coffee varieties available. Try different coffee beans with different brewing methods. Black coffee will be very rich in taste if you are able to enjoy it from various types of beans and various roasters available. One coffee bean can have different after taste and characteristics. Try as many as you can and find out what coffee is your favourite.

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